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 Crime, dance and history and a hopeful look at the future. Fantasy and fairy tales. And a travel guide into the past.


– Dance Novels –

Quick, quick, slow – Lietzensee Dance Club

Each book in the series can be read as a stand-alone

The Granddaughter

 Madeline Lagrange, granddaughter of the chairman of the “Lietzensee Dance Club” considers ballroom dancing merely a necessary cultural skill that she learns without ambition. Then she meets the club’s square dancers. And she loses her heart - to the dance and to the group’s caller, the American Chris Rinehart.
Chris is captivated by Madeline from the very first moment. But he’s the coach of the group and she’s underage. So he’s fighting his growing affection for her and denies her his feelings.
While Madeline tries to seduce Chris with the uncompromising determination of her seventeen years, her grandfather is willing to do anything to expel him from the club to break them apart.
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Back onto the Dance Floor


After sixteen years, Friederike Lagrange dares to return to the dance floor for the first time: A serious car accident had forced her to give up competition dancing. Instead, dance became her research topic and she made a career as a professor in history.
A colleague becomes her new partner because her husband George doesn‘t want to take part in a simple dance circle like a beginner: It would be beneath his dignity as chairman of the Lietzensee Dance Club. But he supports her when she wants to shoot a film about the dances of the Baroque with the square dancers and the Latin formation of the club. Then suddenly he wants to dance the Baroque dances with her himself.
Friederike is faced with a dilemma: Since the accident she has longed to be able to dance with her husband again one day. But she also doesn't want to disappoint her colleague. Can she find a way out that doesn't offend either of them?
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Falling for a Movie Star


 Tanja Walters seems hopelessly in love with her longtime square dance partner Micky Hasloff. The truth is Micky hides his feelings behind banter and war of words.
Then the square dancers are hired for a Western. The Spanish actor Manolo Rioja plays the leading role; the star was Tanja’s teenage idol. Now she’s making eyes at him, certain she is as attractive as the groupies he usually surrounds himself with.
Micky Hasloff watches with growing anger how she throws herself at Rioja. Eventually he sabotages the shooting. If he gets Tanja away from Rioja this way, he doesn't care that the movie contract could be canceled.
Then Micky meets Rioja's heavily pregnant wife and learns that the girls at his side are just paid models. Now he understands the star, for his part, is not interested in Tanja at all.
But does that help him? Can Micky overcome his fear of rejection and reveal his feelings to Tanja?
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Short crime stories
In the end; death. But why?
The circumstances are mysterious and no-one is able to bring light into the darkness. Provided someone tries at all … or wants to.
Three speculative short stories
in which the readers are wiser than all involved.

Translation: Sarah Lynch 

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Past crimes 

Historical short mysteries

Murder and theft – yes, of course …
But back then the circumstances were entirely different than they are today. Or not?
In Cornwall in 1072 the young Caitlin, attempts to save her inheritance from the Norman conquerors.
In Paris in 1795 the gendarme Michel single-handedly punishes a corrupt baker.
In Swabia in 1754 Hildegard, one of the lawless “travelers” provides Christmas dinner.
In Lucerne in 1824, the homeless Clara becomes a cue ball of a political intrique.

I have added historical notes to every story.

Translation: Lisa Rosenblatt

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Magical Stories

Fairy tales and fantasy for children:

Short stories that are not only for children...
Magic and wisdom connect with reality and legend. Meet a water ghost, a young magician, a magical hare and a good witch. Discover what happens when a force of nature collides with the thoughtlessness of men. Consider wisely and well before you wish or else...some very bad things will happen. And prepare to have your heart warmed by a very particular Christmas story.
"The Brook" and "Cork" have previously been published in German, the Christmas story in Italian. 

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Radiant Hope

Dystopian science fiction - a co-production with other "Schreibwerk" authors

 In a distant future, countless wars and an ecological apocalypse have devastated the earth.
Erid, one of few survivors, has lived alone in a cave for three years. Then a strange light appears in the distance. That same day an injured she-wolf seeks his protection. Curiosity returns and he decides to venture out from the safety of his cave.
Together with the wolf he seeks the source of the light. Strange things happen and again and again the wolf seems to be smarter than Erid. An old woman shares a part of their way and then he meets Miriam …

The Science Fiction novella "Radiant Hope" is organized as an advent calendar with a picture at the start of each day's reading.

English edition of "Leuchtende Hoffnung"

What readers have said:
"The story is about some distant future time, and yet it seems as if you were back in the Stone Age. The authors paint a hopeless scenario: Winter, cold and snow as far as the eye can see. Loneliness, lurking dangers in the form of sickness, hunger, death, and wolves ... Advent, the arrival: The classic theme of the protagonist journeying toward his destiny. Light, hope, and trust: Traditional Christmas images in an unusual Christmas story."

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 By the Wayside...

Aquitaine: The End of a War


 By the Wayside…there are events and places worth a stopover.

This book offers an introduction to one of the grandest events of the summer in Aquitaine, and provides an insight into the historical context which the event presents and brings to life in its own unique way: the final battle in the Hundred Years’ War, by the Dordogne river. It is the end of a war and the end of an era.
The main focus of this book is an outline of the historical events and background which set the seal on the end of this era.  In addition, the author provides an introduction to the performance in Castillon-la-Bataille for anyone on holiday in the South-West of France or on the Atlantic coast
Includes suggestions for other places to visit in the area.

Contents include:
La bataille – the show
English Guyenne
The historic battle
The end of knightly warfare
Attractions near Castillon-la-Bataille 

 Translation Melody Shaw 

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 Thriller Short Story

There’s been a public disaster, and someone wants to sweep it under the rug. A journalist is asking questions, and  stumbles across another story, from several years ago. Any connection seems like pure speculation – but then her family is threatened. A short thriller playing on two historical events.
Journalist Laura Schreiner faces a painful decision. She has asked too many questions, and now the lives of her children are in danger.
A catastrophe has taken place, and a curiously large number of people care remarkably little about investigating it. The ambitious young journalist isn’t going to take it lying down. During her research, she meets someone who tries to convince her that there is a connection to another unresolved drama. It might just be wild speculation – but her children have been kidnapped. Whoever is behind it is powerful and ruthless.
This short thriller draws the pieces of its puzzle from the mix of clues and theories surrounding a plane crash more than 30 years ago.
This is a work of fiction. Although it is set against a backdrop of historical events, the plot is entirely the product of the author’s imagination.

Translation: Nick Lanigan

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